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Retro Look Spring Trench Coat - Outfit Post

Retro style trench coat outfit for spring
Ralph Lauren TrenchSuperDry Cable KnitPure Collection Silk ScarfCollectif Capri PantsNew Look LoafersDoctor's Style Handbag
Earlier in the week I posted about my favourite trench coats for Spring, and mentioned that my current 'trench' is a bit, well, naff really. So this post is a follow up to that, and just another excuse for a moan to be honest. Basically, it's another indulgent attempt at convincing myself that I need another trench coat. I really will stop going on about it soon, I promise. I think I've had a good moan about it here and here so far!

So, here is my trench coat in all it's annoying glory:

Retro style trench coat outfit for spring
Trench Coat - Miss Selfridge - Old
Scarf - New Look - Old
Doctor's Style Handbag - eBay (SIMILAR)
Cable Knit Sweater - H&M - Old (SIMILAR)
Bonnie Cigarette Trousers - Collectif
Black Tassel Loafers - New Look - Old (SIMILAR)
I'm going to do that annoying blogger thing, and apologise. I took these photo's really quickly just before I was about to head off into town to run some errands. I was caught in the act by a neighbour (cringe!) - so I didn't feel too comfortable lingering around in order to ensure good quality shots. I was in such a rush (as I always seem to be at the moment), that I didn't even notice that I hadn't tucked my sweater into my high waisted capris - so you can't even tell that they are high waisted (doh!), and I wish that I had picked up a slightly more colourful scarf. It's all a bit, well, neutral in tone really. Nothing wrong with that, of course, but it's good to add a pop of colour occasionally.

Anyway, the thing that annoys me about some modern items of clothing are the waistlines. Trousers often sit too low, and the waists of dresses and coats are too damn high! I don't even think that I'm all that long in the body, so I really do feel for the taller among us. I like that this trench is more full skirted, but it really annoys me that the waist does not sit on my waist! I don't like feeling like a child who has gone through a sudden growth spurt - which in my mid 30's, is quite ridiculous. There are some things you can do to combat this issue, particular with dresses, and that is to wear a wide belt - as suggested here by Retro Chick. This is great advice, and I think that I might attempt this with my coat, until I can afford to buy a better one!

Do you have any wardrobe woes? Please tell me I am not alone!

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Trench coats - a must have for Spring! Light weight enough for those warmer days, yet will keep t...

Classic and Vintage Style Trench Coats for Spring

Trench coats - a must have for Spring! Light weight enough for those warmer days, yet will keep that Spring chill out. Not only that, but trench coats have some serious vintage pedigree.

The now classic everyday trench, was originally designed for use by soldiers during World War One, as an alternative to the heavier wool greatcoats. Thomas Burberry is often cited as the original designer (although Aquascutum claimed to have been producing them since the 1850s) due to his development of gabardine, a tough and hardwearing fabric, for such coats in the late 1870s. The trench coat was perfect for keeping the soldiers dry and protected against wind and rain in the trenches.

Trench coats began to be worn in non war environments after the soldiers returned home and wore them in their everyday lives. As with many fashionable items, the influence of Hollywood helped to increase the trench coat's popularity when it was worn by stars such as Humphery Bogart. The trench coat was a garment not just popular with men, but with women too - it was a unisex item.

Although the Burberry trench is held in the highest regard, I personally prefer a more full skirted trench coat. I'm not a huge fan of the rectangular cut of the Burberry trench, mainly because I often like to wear full skirted skirts and dresses in spring - and that can be a lot of fabric to squeeze under a coat. But having said that, I've never had the pleasure of trying on a Burberry trench - so perhaps I may change my mind if I do!

These days, there is a wealth of choice available with regards to trench coats. I've scoured the internet, and have brought you a selection of some of my favourite trenches. To make things a little more interesting, I've provided an expensive trench (such as a Burberry), and a cheaper alternative.

Here are my current favourite trench coats:

On the left below, you have the classic ten button Burberry Trench. However, at the grand sum of £1,295, it's not within most people's budget's! As an alternative, try this ten button, double breasted trench from Hobbs below right, at a slightly more affordable £189. Slightly lighter in colour (although this Burberry trench is also available in a similar lighter colour), it is just as chic.
The Kensington Trench - Burberry £1,295
Saskia Trench - Hobbs £189

The camel trench is probably the most popular in terms of colour, however navy blue also has a classic vibe. Below left you have a navy blue Ralph Lauren trench, with classic detailing such as  cuff buckles and button down shoulder straps. At £215, it is expensive, however Ralph Lauren are a brand which has a long vintage history. An alternative could be this navy blue trench by Yumi below right, at a more affordable £95 (currently in the sale!). 

Kent Belted Trench Coat - Ralph Lauren £215
Classic Trench Coat - Yumi £95

How about considering a red trench coat, to coordinate with your retro red lipstick? I'm in love with the full skirted trench coat below left, by Helene Berman. I'm a sucker for a fuller skirt, so this really appeals to me. It's not midi in length though, which is a shame - but it's still going on my wish list! At £150, it's still an investment for a lot of people - although it's also available in navy polka dot! So cute, and you can't get much more retro than polka dots. If £150 is out of your budget, try this red trench from Tesco at £55.

Full Skirted Trench Coat - Helene Berman £150
Cutie Trench Coat - Tesco £55

I've simply got to include my two most coveted trench coats - below left is by Collectif, and below right by Hell Bunny. Both are full skirted, and both are a longer (midi) length - perfect for wearing over full skirted, midi length dress and skirts. I have been coveting these for many years now, and I'm hoping this year I'll bite the bullet and actually buy one of them!

Dietrich Swing Trench - Collectif £95
Bacall Trench Coat Black - Hell Bunny £72.99

This week's Dress of the Week was originally going to be this stunning green number below f...

Dress Of The Week - Halter Neck Maxi

Vintage Inspired Dress of the week - halter neck maxi 1930s 1970s style

This week's Dress of the Week was originally going to be this stunning green number below from Modcloth:

Vintage Inspired Dress of the week - halter neck maxi 1930s 1970s style

However, it has completely sold out in all sizes!! I have to say that I am rather gutted, as I love it. I think it's rather statuesque and elegant. I adore the gorgeous geometric print, and how it ties so beautifully at the back of the neck. It has a lovely 1970s vibe to it, however I'd be tempted towards a more 1930s look. 

After I had resigned myself to the fact that I would never own this gorgeous frock, I stumbled across it's sister! 

Vintage Inspired Dress of the week - halter neck maxi 1930s 1970s style
This orange version is by Eliza J at House of Fraser - and it's identical in all but it's colour. I couldn't believe it! I have to say that my heart still belongs to the green version - but perhaps that's because I can't have it. I have a very annoying tendency to want things that I can't have. Nonetheless, this version is just as beautiful.
1930s Style Beachwear
Eliza J Halter Neck Maxi Dress
Wide Brim Straw Hat - Reiss
ASOS Round Sunglasses

Brown Panel Tote bag - New Look
ASOS Embellished Summer Sandals

I've been planning on compiling a list of the best retro reproduction clothing brands and on...

Where To Shop For Vintage Style Clothing - Over 60 Links

I've been planning on compiling a list of the best retro reproduction clothing brands and online stores for a while now, and I've finally got round to it! I'm going to aim to keep this list updated, so please let me know if you are aware of any brands, or you are a store yourself, and you would like a link placed on the list. A copy of this post will be accessible all the time under 'Vintage Resources' in the menu above!

So, here is a (hopefully!) fairly thorough list of vintage reproduction brands and online stores. Clicking on the links below will take you to their websites. Most brands on the list are UK based, however there are plenty of US and European websites on there too. 

I have shopped at a few of these brands and websites before, but I cannot provide testimonials for all of them.

Have fun shopping! 

Reproduction Brands & Their Stores:

Collectif London
Heyday Online
The Pretty Dress Company
House of Foxy
Weekend Doll
The Seamstress of Bloomsbury
Jolie Moi
Lindy Bop
Zoe Vine
Freddies of Pinewood
Lady K Loves
Revival Retro
Tara Starlet
Vivien of Holloway
Trashy Diva
Dolly and Dotty
What Katie Did
Rocket Originals
Dam Hag Vintage
Style Icon's Closet
Oh My Honey
Revamp Vintage
Whirling Turban
Miss Candyfloss
Bettie Page Clothing
Stop Staring
Steady Clothing
Voodoo Vixen
Pinup Girl Clothing
Marina Retro
Lolita Girl Clothing
Glamour Bunny
Heart of Haute
Revival Retro
Bernie Dexter
Effie's Heart
Hey Viv
Blue Velvet Vintage
Punkabilly Clothing
Morello's Clothing
Unique Vintage
Retro Ruthie
Where Dreams Are Made
My Retro Closet
Suicide Glam
Forever 56

Retro & Alternative Online Stores:

These stores sell a variety of brands, such as Hellbunny.
Miss Bamboo
Dolly Dagger
Stop Traffic Clothing
Starlet Vintage
Attitude Clothing
Kate's Clothing
Pop Soda
Rockabilly Pinup
Ripley's Clothing
Pinup Zone
Retro Glam
3rd and 56th Street
Rock Collection

Brands/Stores With Some Vintage Style Clothing:

Chi Chi London
Shabby Apple
Biba at House of Fraser

Don't forget eBay & Amazon!

My post a few months ago, on where to shop for vintage style wedding dresses , proved so popular ...

Where To Find Vintage Style Bridesmaid Dresses

Where to find vintage style bridesmaid dresses online and on the high street

My post a few months ago, on where to shop for vintage style wedding dresses, proved so popular that I've decided to follow it up with a sequel. This time, instead of wedding gowns, I've trawled the internet for some gorgeous examples of vintage style bridesmaid dresses. I've steered clear of bridal wear websites and stores, and have focused my attention on clothing retailers such as ASOS, Chi Chi London, and Phase Eight. The great thing about purchasing dresses from retailers such as these, is that your bridesmaid's are more likely to wear their dresses again. Something they will definitely thank you for! All of these frocks could be worn to a special occasion - bonus!

I've grouped these gorgeous dresses into decades, however many of these can be easily restyled to suit a different era - in my opinion anyway!

So, in order of decade - here are my favourite vintage style bridesmaid dresses -

1920s Style Bridesmaid Dresses:

The stunning gowns of the 1920s where often dropped waist and rectangular in shape. This style is not to everyone's taste, and may not be welcomed by all of your bridesmaids. You don't need to opt for a drop waist (which are often really hard to find!) in order to channel some flapper chic. Look for art deco patterns and heavy beading instead.
Maya Chiffon Embellished Maxi Dress ❤ Aiden Mattox Jewel Neck Beaded Gown ❤ Adrianna Papell Art Deco Blouson Dress ❤ Frock & Frill Margot Sequin Dress ❤ Maya Vintage Embellished Maxi Dress

1930s Style Bridesmaid Dresses:

Dresses of the 1930s were bias in cut using silk or satin fabrics. They oozed old Hollywood glamour. This is my favourite style, and one that I chose for my wedding. Ghost have such a wonderful array of dresses that are perfect for this decade, with a great selection of colours to choose from. I can attest to their superb quality, as my bridesmaid wore the Claudia gown on the bottom left (number 4). Phase Eight often have good examples of this style too.
Ghost Taylor Dress ❤ Ghost Chloe Dress ❤ Phase Eight Emily Maxi Dress ❤ Ghost Claudia Dress ❤ Jenny Yoo Draped Neck Gown

1940s Style Bridesmaid Dresses:

Gowns from this era can be full skirted, pencil style, midi, or maxi in length - which gives you a lot of choice. If you're looking to achieve a more relaxed feel to your wedding, then perhaps a tea style dress would be appropriate. If formal is more your thing, then maybe full length. 
Closet Pale Pink Tulip Dress ❤ Monsoon Freesia Maxi Dress ❤ Fame & Partners Radiant Angel Maxi Dress ❤ Ghost Camilla Dress ❤ Chi Chi Emilia Dress

1950s Style Bridesmaid Dresses:

Full skirted prom style dresses are perfect for this era. Chi Chi London (as I've harped on about before - sorry!) provide some of the best examples of 1950s style dresses, and they are very reasonable price wise. With their vast colour selections too, they can't be beaten in my opinion!
Chi Chi Nala Dress ❤ ASOS Lace Prom Dress ❤ Chi Chi Ileana Dress ❤ Jacques Vert Lace Prom Dress ❤ Phase Eight Cutwork Dress

Did you have, or are you having a vintage style wedding? Where did you purchase your bridesmaid dresses?

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